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Dana Plautz
Chair of the Art and Entertainment Committee, Intel
Studio Director, Second Story
Presentation: Collaboration Leads to Innovation

update: June 26
new job: I started my own consulting firm called P.S. Design, LLC.
new email:

Dana Plautz spent 10 years in the Entertainment field in Hollywood and 13 years in high tech specializing in the area of new media. She conceived and chaired the Intel Research Council grant program on Art and Entertainment. In her tenure at Intel she funded some of the most influential new media artist, such as Danny Rozin, Rebecca Allen, Bill Seaman and Ken Goldberg. She specialized in bringing about collaborations from various disciplines to bring new ideas to fruition. She is a frequent lecturer and conference speaker and an active member of the new media/creative community serving on numerous boards. She is a founding board of directors of Eyebeam, a non-profit cultural and educational organization dedicated to digital art in N.Y. Plautz also serves on the Cal Arts Integrated Media Advisory Board, the advisory board of UC Berkeley's Art, Technology colloquium, The Design Studies/Design Management advisory board for the Portland Arts Institute, and is a member of the editorial board of the ACM Computer in Entertainment. She also held a government appointment for 6 years chairing the Oregon State Film and Video office. Her writing on the field of art and entertainment has been published in the Leonardo Journal and the ACM Computers in Entertainment Magazine to name a few. She is a graduate of Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR.

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