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CreativeIT Exploratory Projects FY07

A similar listing of the latest round of funding is List of 2008 funded projects

Creative Metaphors to Stimulate New Approaches to Visualizing, Understanding, and Rethinking Large Repositories of Scholarly Data
Borner, Katy
Indiana University

Collaborative Research: Interactive Choreography in 3D Tele-Immersive Spaces - Expanding Human Perception through Creative Practice
Bajcsy, Ruzena
UC Berkeley

Designing Critical Creative Technologies to Support Collaboration in Public Spaces
Jennings, Pamela L.
Carnegie Mellon University

Creativity in Physics
Mitra, Debasis
Florida Institute of Technology

The Synergy of Conflict and Creativity in Open Source Software Development Communities
Yilmaz, Levent
Auburn University

A New Generation Wiki for Supporting a Research Community in Creativity and IT
Fischer, Gerhard
University of Colorado

Fostering Creativity in Ubiquitous Social Computing through Casual and Formal Interactions in Interdisciplinary Design
Jabi, Wassim
New Jersey Institute of Technology

A "Transderivational" Search Engine for Creative Analogy Generation in Mixed-Media Design
Dinh, Huong
Stevens Institute of Technology

End-User Sketching of Games and Simulations
Landay, James
University of Washington

Decoding the Human Conducting Gesture
Dannenberg, Roger
Carnegie Mellon University

Creativity and Computer Programming: A New Research Program
Bringsjord, Selmer
Rensselear Polytechnic Institute

Leveraging Grassroots Creativity for Interaction Design: Infrastructure Support for Design Thinking
Klemmer, Scott
Stanford University

The Computational Creativity Curriculum
Spector, Lee
Hampshire College

The Grammar of Immersive Interactive Narrative
Bregler, Christoph
Snibbe, Scott
New York University

Collaboratorium for Interdisciplinary Creativity
Schull, Jonathan
Rochester Institute of Technology

Artistic Group Performance as a Model for Novel Collaborative Multimodal Human-Computer Interfaces
Kuchera-Morin, JoAnn
University of California-Santa Barbara

A computational model of creative problem solving
Bond, Alan
University of California-Los Angeles

Computational Approaches to Creativity Through Goal-Directed Cross-Domain Analogy
Langley, Pat
Arizona State University

Musicat: a computational model of creativity in a musical domain
Hofstadter, Douglas
Indiana University

Building Blocks for Creative Search
Barto, Andrew
University of Massachusetts Amherst

The Codework Project: Relations between creative writing and computer programming
Baldwin, Charles
West Virginia University

Towards a Computational Model of Biological Analogies in Innovative Engineering Design
Goel, Ashok
Georgia Institute of Technology

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