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Young Joon Kim is a project leader of open source project named "SPL (Simple Programming Language) script project".

This project targets for enhancing creativity and skills of IT by using easy simulation environment.
  • SPL script project aims at helping novices or beginners to start programming with easy and fun by simplifying complicated coding pattern into simple script.
  • A novice user with little to no coding experience can start creativeIT, embedded, mobile and robotics programming right away without any preliminary preparation.
  • All programs of project were developed with C# and all source codes are available on this page.
  • SPL can be utilized for the creativeIT, embedded, mobile, game, and robotics programming as well as general PC programming.
  • Full of easy-to-follow tutorial slides were prepared for the robotics, stereoscopic, science, creativity, artificial intelligence, Lego NXT, VPL, and SPL courses.
  • Project Site :
  • Email :

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