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The CreativeIT community gallery

This is a spot for you to upload images and short video clips of ideas or approaches related to CreativeIT.

Currently only a few formats are supported and the web implementation is still in its early stages, so if you have problems with your browser or need support for alternate formats, please let the menehune know and we will make every effort to address your needs.

We may convert dynamic content within the gallery to a static image that links to the dynamic content if page-loading speed becomes problematic.

Notes re: formats

We have added mp4 and wmv formats on an experimental basis.

If you experience problems with these (or any of the entries) please let us know.

We have noticed that mpeg-2 format may be problematic in that the decoder requires a license fee, and therefore does not come with most free plugins. It may be a good idea to avoid this format if you wish for your content to be readily available.

(also, we are aware that their are some problems with this page in Internet Explorer 6. we are investigating)

Media (png, gif, jpg, mpg, mov, swf, mp4, wmv)ALT Text
Public Poster Display Prototype
Wassim Jabi
Public Poster Display Proposal
Wassim Jabi
Teleimmersion Dance in VR
Teleimmersion Dance in VR, UC Berkeley
Teleimmersion Dance, UC Berkeley
Public Social Private Design (PSPD)
Andrew Warr
Public Social Private Design (PSPD)
Public Social Private Design (PSPD)
Andrew Warr
Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory
Hal Eden
Amodal 2003*
from Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
very nervous
Very Nervous System 1990*
from David Rokeby
umbrella net current*
from Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Life Writer 2006*
from Sommer & Migonneau
whisper current
Whisper Current*
from Schiphorst & Kozel
Pedestrian 02*
from Open Work Group
Telegarden 95-04*
from Ken Goldberg
thinking machine
Thinking Machine 03-04*
from Martin Wattenberg
legible city
Legible City 89*
from Jeffery Shaw

Selected entries (*) from Pamela Jennings talk on Resources and Models for Creative Digital Media Research.

Plug-in Information

These are the platforms/plugins for which we have verified operation of this page
For quicktime, mpg, and mp4:
  • macintosh
    • quicktime plugin from apple (
  • windows xp & vista
    • quicktime plugin from apple (
  • windows 2000
    • QTLite (

For Flash
  • flash plugin from adobe (

For Windows Media Video
  • windows
    • windows media player 9 or greater
  • macintosh
    • flip4mac

Any other experiences or ideas are welcome!

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