Community Participants

Community Participants
Mary Lou Maher
Bill Mitchell
Gerhard Fischer
Larry Leifer
Roger Dannenberg
Ben Shneiderman
John Gero
Mark d'Inverno
Thomas Hewett
Christopher Jaynes
Ken Perlin
Dana Plautz
Rob Saunders
Kumiyo Nakakoji
Michael Leyton
Pamela Jennings
Mark Gross
Steven Smith
Ruzena Bajcsy
Rob Woodbury
Terry Winograd
Hal Eden
Tristan Jehan
Holger Dick
Umer Farooq
Alex Ivanov
Andrew Warr
Michael Prilla
Klara Nahrstedt
Scott Snibbe
Chris Bregler
Dan Ventura
Tobias Hollerer
Alan Sondheim
Sandy Baldwin
Sungwook Yoon
Wassim Jabi
Lee Spector
Jon Schull
Eric Nichols
Douglas Hofstadter
Roger Malina
Luz-Maria Jimenez
Chia-Yen Tsai
Titus Noel
Daryl Hepting
H. Quynh Dinh
Chris Vigorito
Ashok Goel
Mitra Debasis
Fred Collopy
Janet Burge
Matthew Clark
Lee Boot
Brad Myers
Sheila Tejada
Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Aditya Johri
Young Joon Kim

Please participate in the CreativeIT community

This is intended to be a place for you to create a page describing yourself and your participation in topics related to CreativeIT.

To add a page for a new user you first need to sign-in. Then you can edit this page and add the name of the new participant in the menu-box (in the form *FirstName LastName*). The name along with a [Create] button will appear. When you press the [Create] button, your new page will be created and you will be sent to the edit form for that page. After this, the new page will be linked from the menu on the left.

Pages that are derived from this page will appear on the diagram above automatically once you create them. Some elements you may wish to include on your page:

Please let the swiki menehune know if you need any assistance.