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NSF CreativeIT Projects funded in 2008.

SGER: Learning to Develop Insight: A Sub-symbolic Approach to Learning Transfer
Ventura, Dan
Brigham Young University

AAAI Symposium on Creative Intelligent Systems
Ventura, Dan
Brigham Young University

SGER: Leveraging Grassroots Creativity for Interaction Design: Infrastructure Support for Design Thinking
Klemmer, Scott
Stanford University

SGER - End-user Sketching of Games and Simulations
Landay, James
University of Washington

Two Day Workshop: Studying Design Creativity- Design Science, Computer Science, Cognitive Science and Neuroscience Approaches: The State of the Art
Gero, John
George Mason University

Pilot: Mixed-Reality Without Tears: Tools to Support Creativity in Mixed-Reality Applications
Tejada, Sheila
CUNY Brooklyn College

PILOT: Unlocking Body Memories for Creativity: Controlling Virtual Characters with Tangible Interfaces to Augment Expression and Cognition
Mazalek, Alexandra
GA Tech Research Corporation - GA Institute of Technology

Examining Creativity with IT in Engineering Design (X-CITED)
Johri, Aditya
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Pilot: Using Causal Relations to Guide Multi-Level Creative Processes
Reggia, James
University of Maryland College Park

Collaborative Research: Modeling Creative and Emotive Improvisation in Theater Performance
Narayanan, Shrikanth
University of Southern California

Pilot: SOUZOU - Creativity through Procedural Modeling
Kobayashi, Yoshihiro
Arizona State University

MAJOR: Collaborative Research: Modeling Creative and Emotive Improvisation in Theatre Performance
Magerko, Brian
GA Tech Research Corporation - GA Institute of Technology

Collaborative Research: Major: Puppet Choreography and Automated Marionettes
Murphey, Todd
University of Colorado at Boulder
Egerstedt, Magnus
GA Tech Research Corporation - GA Institute of Technology

Pilot: Leveraging Human Creativity with Machine Discovery
Miikkulainen, Risto
University of Texas at Austin

Pilot: Let Your Notes Come Alive: The SkRUI Classroom Sketchbook
Hammond, Tracy
Texas Engineering Experiment Station

An Instructional Tool to Foster Creativity in the Software Engineering Process
Gamble, Rosanne
University of Tulsa

Major:The Narrative Theatre - A Creativity Enhancement Environment
Lester, James
North Carolina State University

Pilot: Exploratory Programming for Interactive Behaviors: Unleashing Interaction Designers' Creativity
Myers, Brad
Carnegie-Mellon University

Pilot: Computational Metaphor Identification for Supporting Creativity in Science Education
Tomlinson, William
University of California-Irvine

Pilot: A Robust Distributed Intelligent System for Telematic Applications
Braasch, Jonas
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Symposium on Computational Approaches to Creativity in Science
Bridewell, Will
Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise

SGER: Preliminary Computational Studies of Societal Factors in Creative Designing
Gero, John
George Mason University

Workshop: Success factors in fostering creativity in IT research and education
Kelliher, Aisling
Arizona State University

CreativeIT Workshop: Creativity and Rationale in Design
John Carroll Investigator)
Pennsylvania State Univ

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