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Artistic Group Performance as a Model for Novel Collaborative Multimodal Human-Computer Interfaces

Kuchera-Morin, JoAnn
University of California-Santa Barbara

This project develops new human-computer interfaces for controlling knowledge dissemination based on the way that humans interact in a musical ensemble performance, aiming to pioneer new computer interfaces that will allow us to interact with electronic content through gestural control. The project postulates that creative artistic design and use of sensor-based human input to a computing environment is a key element in defining next-generation research and teaching tools, and uses a creative design process through experimental exploration. The project leverages the availability of a unique virtual simulation and design environment, the UCSB Allosphere, a spherical, three-story multi-modal immersive visualization/sonification device. The Allosphere represents the next generation of collaborative immersive environments, and for prototyping novel interface metaphors based on creative input, its unique simulation capabilities will prove invaluable. The goal is to develop next-generation “musical ensemblestyle” user interfaces for controlling artistic performances, interactive scientific explorations, and instructional experiences on large electronic stages, such as select full-dome planetaria. It is anticipated that this willlead to major contributions for teaching in electronic classrooms, in which the walls will be covered by large-scale interactive displays.

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