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Creativity in Physics

Mitra, Debasis
Florida Institute of Technology

This project identifies three kinds of creative activities in Physics: deriving a new law from existing theory; asking what-if questions within the scope of a known theory; and deriving a falsifiable hypothesis for experimentation within a known theory. The basis for modeling the knowledge that can support these three activities is a constraint reasoning system. The project proposes to develop a creativity support tool on top of an existing constraint reasoning system that will support and encourage students to engage in creative activities.

This project will extend the constraint reasoning model to include the knowledge needed and the flexibility required for its use as a creativity support tool in physics. The constraint representation and the rules for manipulating the constraints will be developed using the Eclipse constraint programming language. The flexibility for supporting creativity will be in the development of a flexible user interface.

This project will develop a tool that encourages creativity in the context of physics courses at FIT. The students will be using and providing feedback on the tool, which will expose them to constraint modeling in physics and to the potential for creativity in physics. Research in creativity in FIT is likely to impact numerous students coming from local high-tech industries on Florida’s Space Coast.

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