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NSF CreativeIT workshop at Arizona State University

Welcome addresses

Deirdre Meldrum, Dean, Fulton School of Engineering, ASU

Kwang-Wu Kim, Dean, Herberger College of The Arts, ASU

Mary Lou Maher, NSF

Listen to mp3 of the opening remarks

Paper Presentations

Session 1: Moderator, Hari Sundaram

Storytelling Using EventWeb
Ramesh Jain

Open Source as a Test Bed for Evaluating Creativity Tools
Michael Terry

Session 2: Moderator, Ellen Campana

From Simulation to Emulation: The Art, Science and Engineering Behind Telematic Art in the 21st Century
Shawn Brixey

Politechnics: Political Technologies from the Computing Culture Group
Chris Csikszentmihályi

Early Experiences with Interdisciplinary Design Studies
Wassim Jabi

Session 3: Moderator, David Birchfield
Fostering Creativity in the Classroom: A Case Study of Multi-disciplinary Design Project
Katherine Cennamo

Teaching Kids to be Creative: What Might it Take? Some Insights from Computational Modeling and from Observations of Middle Schoolers
Janet Kolodner

Writes of Passage: From Phenomenology to Semiosis in Mathematical Learning
Dor Abrahamson

Session 4: Moderator, Winslow Burleson

Renaissance Teams as a Methodology for Creativity and Visualization
Donna J. Cox

Building Collective CreativeIT Efforts
Thanassis Rikakis

Supporting Social Creativity: Promises and Pitfalls
Gerhard Fischer and Hal Eden

Building an Ecology for Innovation
Pamela Jennings

Session 5: Moderator, Aisling Kelliher

Human-Centered Computing Cluster
Mary Lou Maher: mp3 of presentation

Fostering Motivation and Creativity for Computer Users
Ted Selker

An Engineer's Encounter with an Artist
Ramesh Rao: mp3 of presentation

Summary Sessions

White Paper One: Success Factors
Janet Kolodner

White Paper Two: Hard Questions
Mary Lou Maher

White Paper Three: Supporting Community
Aisling Kelliher

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