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NSF CreativeIT workshop at Arizona State University
From Simulation to Emulation: The Art, Science and Engineering Behind Telematic Art in the 21st Century
Shawn Brixey
Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS)
University of Washington


MP3 of presentation


Art as research is not a new phenomenon. The processes of imagination, exploration, discovery, and reflection are universal among artists, scientists, and engineers. All seek paths of unique discoveries that will improve our lives and enrich our engagement and understanding of the world around us. The digital era brings with it remarkable new promise in these endeavors. However, at the same time, it places fundamental and substantial new requirements on artists who seek to engage in more than being simply “users and consumers” of existing technology, but instead wish to pioneer the most advanced artistic and technical discoveries in the field. To support the highest level of this promise The University of Washington has created a path-breaking new research center and autonomous degree-granting program - DXARTS. The first of its kind in the world, the program establishes the UW as a leading institution for the invention and study of new and experimental genres of digital arts and sciences. DXARTS offers both hybrid B.F.A. and Ph.D. degrees, with concentrations ranging from digital cinema, computer animation, virtual reality, spatial imaging, computer music, and sonic arts, to sensing and control systems, interactive performance systems, robotics, telematics and mechatronics. Designed around a revolutionary new model of creative practice, research, and discovery at the frontier of art, science and engineering, DXARTS supports the emergence of a new generation of creative pioneers by fostering the invention of new forms of creative IT through expanded studio research that synthesize advances in digital computing, information technologies, science, and engineering. This presentation will outline some of the core thematics that underpin the unique research and pedagogy at DXARTS, focusing primarily upon the emerging areas of emulation and telematics.


experimental digital arts, interactive performance, creative practice

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