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Me struggling not to fall into the crater of the great Mt. Bromo (East Java, Indonesia).

About me

Hello and welcome to my little corner of this PhD Intro Wiki. I'm a first year Computer Science PhD student (assuming you're reading this during the 2007-2008 school year) at the University of Colorado Boulder. My area of interest is in natural language processing, and I am currently an RA for Wayne Ward working on dialog management for intelligent tutoring systems.

If you're ever in the mood to get away from main CU campus and want to see some lovely parking lots, come visit me at the CINC, the Center for Innovation and Creativity, (not to be confused with The Sink, another fine Boulder institution.)

Before coming to Boulder, I spent a year teaching English at an Islamic boarding school in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. You can read all about my wife's and my adventures on our blog at Prior to that I spent several years writing tools to assist in the design and verification of Intel Itanium processors.

I did my undergraduate work at the Colorado School of Mines where I double majored in Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Engineering with an Electrical Specialty. I would just say I majored in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, but when I was there, the faculty made a big point of saying I couldn't.

Away from school, I try to spend my time practicing Pencak Silat (an Indonesian martial art), hiking, camping, snowboarding, and generally enjoying Colorado. Someday my wife Sara and I hope to have a labrador that can come along on all the fun.

Contact Info

e-mail: lee (dot) becker (at)


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