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I am a first year PhD student in the "between phase" - finishing my MS this semester and starting the PhD. I have been working in industry as a software engineer for the last 12 years for the likes of HP/Agilent, Rational Software, Webroot Software and now a non-profit organization the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries. I received my undergraduate computer science degree from Indiana University, Bloomington.

My advisor is Tammy Sumner and my current research is focused on making digital resources more useful for people, particularly educators. My interests are in digital libraries, architectures for DLs, semantic metadata, semantic digital libraries and making digital stuff generally more meaningful and useful in end user contexts. The wiki for my group is being maintained along with my co-collaborator and forth year PhD student Huda Khan. I am also part of the organization Digital Learning Sciences, which my advisor is the executive director. There I am working on a collaborative project with another group at Cornell University exploring the architecture, integration and expansion of the API they have developed to support the National Science Digital Library (NSDL).

I love to think. I love to learn. I love to code. I got my first computer in 1983 - the Commodore 64 ... now considered a "retro" PC to those of you born after 1985. This computer changed the way I saw the world and once I learned how to use it, I knew that I was always going to be doing something with computers for the rest of my life! I generally like to get projects started and pass the development on to others, overseeing architectural and feature changes. For me, my PhD is a way for me to sink my teeth into meaningful research that will impact the lives of others, while having fun doing it!

I've lived in Colorado for 12 years now, making me "almost" native. I'm happily married with the first kid on the way in March. I am also a photographer and help my wife run a wedding photography business. We also teach a class in digital photography at Colorado Free University in Denver.

I am a jazz aficionado, with deep interest in the bop, post-bop and modal eras, but listen to a wide array of music. I have a legal digital music collection of over 1200 CDs ( which I digitized by hand in 2004 ). When I'm not listening to jazz, I consume copious amounts of reggae, house, hip-hop, chill, classical guitar, latin/salsa, brazilian/bossa, to name a few.

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