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John Michalakes

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Contact information

303 497 8199 (w)
michalak at ucar dot edu


PhD student at CU since Spring 2007. Prof. Manish Vachharajani is my advisor. I am currently employed as a software engineer at National Center for Atmospheric Research since 1998, working on weather and climate simulation codes on high-performance computers. Click here for a recent sample of our weather model output. Prior to NCAR, beginning in 1989, I worked as a computer scientist and software engineer in the Mathematics and Computer Science division of Argonne National Laboratory. I have a MS in Computer Science from Kent State University in 1988. Here is my current CV.

Prior to my current career I worked as a radio news reporter and news director for an NPR affiliate in Ohio.

NCAR web page:


1. Review of CU Applied Mathematics Colloquium Presentation, September 21, 2007: "John von Neumann and the Origins of Scientific Computing" by Joseph Grcar, CCSE, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2. Review of Front Range Architecture Compilers Tools and Languages (FRACTAL) Workshop, Sunday, October 14, 2007 at University of Colorado at Boulder.

3. Review of Ian Buck dissertation Stream Computing on Graphics Hardware. Click here: IanBuckDissertation.htm

4. Interview with advisor.

5. Responses to ACM Report on Globalization and Offshoring of Software. Click here: hw8

6. Michalakes Envisioned Thesis Abstract

7. John Michalakes's Questionnaire for CSCI 7900-903

Some extras this semester

1. BMAC Seminar Series presentation to Computer Science Department at Colorado State University, November 26, 2007: High Performance Computing and Atmospheric Modeling.

2. Gordon Bell Finalist lead author and presenter, SC07, Reno, November 14, 2007: WRF Nature Run.

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