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Wildfire Response Planning Activity

Your local area is working to develop a Wildfire Response Plan for certification by FEMA. Many of the individuals involved in emergency response for your area are new to the area, and communication has been an issue that needs to be addressed.

The purposes of this activity are to
  • Develop and understanding of roles and responsibilities.
  • Understand communication needs
  • "debug" problems
  • serve as a basis for development of response plan

Some of the questions that will need to be addressed and clarified are:
  • Who is responsible for what actions?
  • What resources to you have available or direct?
  • Who needs to be informed of your actions or information that you have?
  • Who do you need information from?

For this role-play activity, you will be researching your own roles.

You need to:

  1. Select a role and post your selection to this web page. You may pair up on roles, but if you do so, then work together on the next part.
  2. Research your role. Find out what tasks you would need to perform and what information you would need to do your job (hint: googling "wildfire response plan" might be one place to start). Document what you find on a Swiki page linked to your role.

Due: 10am Wednesday, March 10th

Here are some potential roles:

  1. Incident Commander

  1. Field Commander
  1. Air Operations Coordinator
  1. Incidence Action planners
  1. County Transportation Manager
  1. Public Information Officer
  1. 911 Dispatcher
  1. Red Cross Coordinator
  1. Law Enforcement Coordinator:
  1. Fire Agency Coordinator

This is not a complete list, so If you find another role that you would like to play, add it and do the research.

Here is a list of agencies that might be involed in the process:

  1. Lyons Police
  2. Lyons Volunteer Fire Dept
  3. Lyons City Manager
  4. Boulder County Sheriff
  5. Boulder County 911 Dispatch
  6. Boulder County Emergency Medical Services
  7. Boulder County Highway District
  8. Boulder County Public Information Office
  9. Boulder County Health Department
  10. Boulder Fire Department
  11. Boulder Police Department
  12. Longmont Fire Department
  13. Longmont Police Department
  14. Colorado State Forestry Division, Fire Management Team
  15. Colorado Bureau of Disaster Services
  16. Colorado EMS Communications Center
  17. Colorado Department of Lands
  18. Colorado Fish and Game Department
  19. Colorado State Patrol
  20. Colorado Department of Transportation
  21. US Bureau of Land Management
  22. US Forest Service
  23. US National Weather Service
  24. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  25. Office of Homeland Security

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