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Swiki Chat

The goal of this page is to have a "lightweight" discussion. You will notice that the bottom of this page has a text area. Anything that you type there will be added to the bottom of the page.

A good convention, as discussed elsewhere is to begin your message with an underscore "_" which makes a line, then your message. Be sure to sign your message, too!

I was unable to add a picture to my page using the 'file attachments' or 'upload' method. It says the document contains no data when i press 'upload'. Any ideas on what i'm doing wrong? – hudakg

Fixed it, I guess. just uploaded it with IE instead of Mozilla. thanks Hal! – hudakg

I tried to access the agenda page whose link is given in Assignment 6 but I'm getting an access permission error (it says I don't have permission to access that directory). Huda.

yeah, the file server "stead" is down and that is where eric's homedir is. I'll check it out on monday (or see if i can find a previous version).

I found a cool swiki thing: the wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia that is a wiki. Just wandering around, but this is really cool and worth checking out:

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