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Public Information Officer sometimes called Fire Management Officer.

I got some information from the following paper:
Telg, Ricky. "Firefighter Public Information Officers' Communication Effectiveness with the Media During the 1998 Florida Wildfires"

"PIOs have the role during a disaster to report directly to the Incident Command System commander (the person in charge of an emergency scene) and to provide accurate and concise information to citizens, so they can make decisions affecting their lives."

"the public information function generally reflects the standards and operations of the media and the governmental agencies of any given community"

The following was taken from the National Park Service about what Public Information Officers do:

  • Prepares and releases information about the fire management program and current fire activity. Serves as liaison between news media and park staff, providing timely and accurate fire information updates.

  • Responsible for collecting, cataloging, filing, storing, and maintaining archives of pertinent large fire records for fires that burn in Yellowstone.

  • Assists government employees and private citizens in location of fire records on as-needed basis.

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