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Assignment 12

Jennifer Tamez


Law Enforcement Coordinator


  • Report to Incident Command Post
  • Establish communications with Incident Command & others as necessary
  • Obtain Situation Briefing
  • Obtain missions
  • Move vehicles and equipment to base area
  • Formulate and execute plan
  • Maintain coordination with Emergency Operations Center
  • Reports & Critique

Who To Inform With Actions and Information

  • Incident Command Post (ICP)

Who You Need Information From

  • Incident Commander (IC)
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Possible Tasks to Perform

  • Conduct/Assist with warning and evacuation of threatened areas
  • Patrol evacuated areas if safe
  • Protect fire origin scene
  • Provide security at wildfire
  • Close roads and restrict access
  • Designate alternate traffic routes
  • Stop all unauthorized vehicles entering or leaving fire area


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