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see the following

  • ResponseActivities-Q0-Law%20Enforcement.pdf


1. Ensure that standard operating procedures (SOPs) are developed, tested, and adequately disseminated for all response activities assigned in this annex.

2. Provide personnel to staff the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) when directed to do so by the Governor, the Emergency Management Division Administrator, or another appropriate state official; or under conditions for which explicit instructions about when to report are contained in pre-existing plans and/or procedures.

3. Upon activation of this plan, but when the State Emergency Operations Center has not been activated, provide decision making personnel to coordinate and assist with policy and strategy development, and provide other personnel as needed to support emergency/disaster response activities at a variety of locations.

4. Attend emergency/disaster-related briefings and/or “surge training”1 sessions.

5. Coordinate activities with other participant agencies as needed.

6. Set up work area(s) at the State Emergency Operations Center, be prepared to deploy state resources, report any needs to EMD staff, and initiate response activities as dictated by the situation.

7. Maintain logs of activities, messages, etc.

8. Initiate agency personnel notification and callback actions.

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