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Incident Commander or Air Operations Coordinator

The IC has full responsibility for the management of the overall operation of the wildfire. More specifically, it is up to the IC to establish the ends, means, resources, implementation, and control of the situation. He or she must identify the immeiate objectives and goals of the effort, ensure that policies and pocedures are followed, identify and assemble the necessary resources both ground and air to confront the situation, implement a plan to achieve the objective and goals, direct evacuation, fire fighting on the ground and air, coordinate with all governmental agencies (local and state and in some cases federal), establish egress and access to the distressed area, and control all elements from a central command post establishing a LOC.

As AOC one must notify the FAA, Flight Service, and post NOTAMS for GA and Commerical Traffic to stay clear of the area. Establish communications with Flight Services for immediate weather information, esp surface winds and winds aloft as soon as this is established get the ACs in the air for coordinated attact on the up wind side of the fire. Coordinate info and flight corridors for approach and departure of the area for the fire tankers. Coordinate air drops with ground crews. Saturate area for fire break at the appropriate time to be given by the IC. Coordinate independent on call drops for hot spots as required by ground crews. Once ops have started get schedule set for back up crews and relief aircraft. Call air national guard for stand by aircraft. Establish ops at local FBO for refueling of av gas and retardant then have a cup of coffee!

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