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Assignment 9

Questions in Relationship to "Learning: From Speculation to Science"

source: Learning: From Speculation to Science – Introduction to Bransford, J. D., Brown, A. L., & Cocking, R. R. (Eds.) (2001) How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School, National Academy Press, Washington, D.C.

Important ?Role distribution: analyzers and summarizers for assignment 6:




The "analyzers and summarizers" can do their work individually or jointly

due: Monday, March 1, 2004

1. producers: please submit by 10:00am to the class website – please be on time, so the "analyzers and summarizers" can do their work!

2. analyzers/summarizers: please submit by 2:00pm to the class website

Briefly discuss the following issues:

1. what did you find

1.1. interesting about the article?

1.2. not interesting about the article?

2. what do you consider the main message of the article?

3. analyze and describe how you have learnt "Microsoft Word" (or a similar system incase you have never learnt MS-Word)

4. speculate of all the "information/knowledge" which you have today – how you have learnt it?; give a brief description of the two most interesting episodes

5. write in one short paragraph (a) what the following concepts means and (b) which role they have played in your learning (e.g., where you have encountered them)

5.1. learning by being told (meaning, personal relevance)

5.2. self-directed learning (meaning, personal relevance)

5.3. discovery learning (meaning, personal relevance)

5.4. experiental learning (meaning, personal relevance)

5.5. informal learning (meaning, personal relevance)

5.6. collaborative learning (meaning, personal relevance)

6. which media have you used for your learning?

Summarizers(Just to make sure)

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