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Subject: hw#9 - Posting

Date: March 3, 2004 3:27:03 AM MST



Hey, could you guys also post HW#9 for me? Sorry it is late, internet access over here is hit and miss.


Brock LaMeres, CSCI 7000, DLC

1. what did you find
1.1. interesting about the article?

It was interesting in that it related to my own education. It also points out some improvements that could be made to our educational system. Simply lecturing to students seems to be an ineffective way of transmitting knowledge. It is proven that a hands-on or design oriented approach is more effective for understanding and remembering material. I realize that this is difficult due to time, money, and properly educated teachers.

1.2. not interesting about the article?


2. what do you consider the main message of the article?

The main message is that our society has advanced to the a new level of knowledge and learning but the school systems are not adapting fast enough to the new system.

3. analyze and describe how you have learnt "Microsoft Word" (or a similar system incase you have never learnt MS-Word)

I learned MS word completely from trial and error. 90% of it was searching for features while 10% was asking a peer. It seems to have worked but you have to consider that I have been doing this for 10 years. This may be considered inefficient learning.

4. speculate of all the "information/knowledge" which you have today – how you have learnt it?; give a brief description of the two most interesting episodes

Most of what I have learned is from actually trying to design systems. The school knowledge contributes ~10% while hands on has 90%

5. write in one short paragraph (a) what the following concepts means and (b) which role they have played in your learning (e.g., where you have encountered them)

5.1. learning by being told (meaning, personal relevance)

I have learned very little, however this is standard school method.

5.2. self-directed learning (meaning, personal relevance)

Reading books/websites. This is better than lecture because I choose the information.

5.3. discovery learning (meaning, personal relevance)

5.4. experiental learning (meaning, personal relevance)

Trial and error implementation. Mainly in webpage design.

5.5. informal learning (meaning, personal relevance) 5.6. collaborative learning (meaning, personal relevance)

Learning from co-workers at my job is a great way of learning. This is because they tend to only talk about important and relavent information directly attributable to my job.

6. which media have you used for your learning?

websites and books

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