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Joel Clawson

1. what did you find

1.1. interesting about the article?

I found most of the article interesting and how it related to the education I received through the years.

1.2. not interesting about the article?

I did not find anything that was not interesting in the article.

2. what do you consider the main message of the article?

The main message is that there is not a single correct way or a wrong way for learning and teaching. There are better ways in certain instances than other, but they are dependent on the ones who are learning and what it trying to be achieved from it.

3. analyze and describe how you have learnt "Microsoft Word" (or a similar system incase you have never learnt MS-Word)

I began with Corel WordPerfect and later switched to Word. I believe I just learned them by using them and if I needed to figure out how to do something (like double space the document) I would ask a friend that knew how or would search through the provided help documentation.

4. speculate of all the "information/knowledge" which you have today – how you have learnt it?; give a brief description of the two most interesting episodes

I have learned in a variety of different ways, from reading a book, listening to someone talk, to actually doing something and following an example. I would say that I got the most learning out of the actually doing something or by teaching myself what I wanted to know.

The first most interesting episode was learning to program. I taught myself how to program on the TI-85 graphing calculator by writing simple functions to perform small tasks. I was given a number of programs by a friend and used them for examples.

The second interesting episode was most of my learning in math in high school. I went ahead on my own and taught myself for three years. The class moved too slow for my understanding and the lectures of the teachers were reiterating what I already knew, so I worked on my own. It resulted in my being able to go through the entire book (which the class could never accomplish) in less time than the class took to finish their subset of the book.

5. write in one short paragraph (a) what the following concepts means and (b) which role they have played in your learning (e.g., where you have encountered them)

5.1. learning by being told (meaning, personal relevance)

Learning by being told is listening to someone tell you the
information. This is probably the way I was taught the most, but the amount that I learned really depended on the topic and my interest in it.

5.2. self-directed learning (meaning, personal relevance)

Self-directed learning is learning the information because I want to learn it. I have done quite a bit of self-directed learning and is probably some of the information that I have retained the best over the years because it is what I wanted to learn so it was interesting to me.

5.3. discovery learning (meaning, personal relevance)

Discovery learning is learning from some event because it occurred. It would be like touching a hot burner and getting burned. It could also be an experiment to see what comes out without knowing anything before hand. I think that I have probably done a lot of learning by discovery, but I think that when it occurs, I do not realize that I have learned something.

5.4. experiental learning (meaning, personal relevance)

Experimental learning is learning by doing. It could actually be doing an experiment or doing some problems. I think this is one of the best ways that I learn because I am able to see where I have made mistakes in my thinking and am able to go back and see what I did wrong and correct them so I will not, hopefully, do it again the next time.

5.5. informal learning (meaning, personal relevance)

Informal learning is learning without structure. It is learning without a teacher or actually trying to learn something. It is learning that just happens. Some of the most important things learned are from informal learning. It is how I would consider a lot of a baby’s learning. It just happens.

5.6. collaborative learning (meaning, personal relevance)

Collaborative learning is learning together as part of a group. I have learned a lot in this way from being both a teacher and a student. As a teacher, I gain better understanding of the material as I explain it to someone else so they can understand it as well. As the student, the group fills in gaps in my knowledge so that I understand it too.

6. which media have you used for your learning?

I have used all sorts of media for learning from computers, to books/magazines/newspapers, to television and radio. I have used whatever is available to obtain the information that I need.

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