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Randell Rivadeneira
Assignment 9

1. what did you find
1.1. interesting about the article?

I found very interesting how new discoveries in cognitive science can be used to change the way we learn and teach. Specially, I liked the idea of moving out of a memorization of knowledge and giving importance to understanding how the mind works in order to improve learning. I also found it very interesting the concept of metacognition, that is, teaching students the ability to be asses themselves and learn how to better learn.

1.2. not interesting about the article?

I thought the example of the cat was not that interest. I don’t think it exemplified their point.

2. what do you consider the main message of the article?

I consider that the articles main message is to improve teaching. That we should use new findings in cognitive science in order to change how learning and teaching occurs at different stages in our life.

3. analyze and describe how you have learnt "Microsoft Word" (or a similar system incase you have never learnt MS-Word)

I first learned it at high-school. We had a class just to explain some main features of the application and we did several exercises. Then afterwards, whenever I had to do some assignment for a different class I would use Microsoft Word and mess around to find new features and things that I wanted to do with my assignment.

4. speculate of all the "information/knowledge" which you have today – how you have learnt it?; give a brief description of the two most interesting episodes

I think that most of my “information/knowledge” has occurred through experience. That is, I have in some level experienced and event and learned from it. Now, if you are concerned with knowledge learned at school, I believe that the majority was through the teacher giving explanation and students trying to understand. I recall my Physics class the most. We would learn theories and concepts, and about 2 times a week we would do experiments regarding such theories. I also remember that I learned a lot when doing research. That is, a professor would request us to research some topic and give a paper, and then I believe I learned more.

5. write in one short paragraph (a) what the following concepts means and (b) which role they have played in your learning (e.g., where you have encountered them)

5.1. learning by being told (meaning, personal relevance)

You learn by someone telling you the concepts. He attempts to explain it to you so that you are able to understand. Most of my school knowledge was learned in this manner.

5.2. self-directed learning (meaning, personal relevance)

You do learning on your own. You search for more information and material and learn it. I have done self-directed learning during high school, but mostly for those type of information that is not taught in school I have learned self-directed.

5.3. discovery learning (meaning, personal relevance)

It would mean to learn something out of discovery. That is, your intent was not to learn it, but it happened. I believe that during my childhood most of my learning would have been through discovery. Like learning that I don’t like hot sauce in milk!

5.4. experiental learning (meaning, personal relevance)

Experimental learning would mean to learn by conducting some sort of experiment. That is, you know a concept and would like to test it in order to understand the concept. I believe that I did several experimental learning during high school, mostly in classes such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

5.5. informal learning (meaning, personal relevance)

Informal learning would take in some informal manner. That is, learning not in a formal place like a school or someone teaching it to you. I would believe that the most informal manner is learning from colleagues and friends in settings that where informal.

5.6. collaborative learning (meaning, personal relevance)

You learned by collaborating with others. I had several group projects and group activities during high school and college.

6. which media have you used for your learning?

Currently I use the Internet to do my self-directed learning. I find it very easy to research any topic and find articles, papers and information about what I would like to learn. But I also use the University as my main resource for learning, that is attending to class and reading from assigned papers and books from the professors. I also do some reading on my own of books that people recommend me or some that I like myself.

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