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Dr. Serge Campeau (Dep. of Psychology & Center for Neuroscience, CU Boulder)
"Habituation to repeated audiogenic stress in rats"
Oct 23, 2007

This talk is about the Dr Campeauís research for finding the possible neurological structure which is managing the habituation to stress. Stress could results in medical problems such as hypertension and numerous mental disorders. Habituation of stress is a natural response of the organism and it reduces the impact of stress. Dr. Campeauís lab used the audio-genic stress in rats and measure the stress level is by ratís neuro-endocrine responses, automonic responses (body temperature, heart rate), and the behavioral response. Based on the lab results, Dr. Campeau suggested that: Habituation to stress is mediated by distinct short-term & long-term system. The plasticity associated with habituation taken place in a single or just few neurological groups.

I went to this talk because I want to see what he would say about the habituation. Modeled a single neuron is part of my work during my Master studying. On neuron already can express habituation in the in vitro experiment & computational simulated model. A group of neurons, which the Dr. Campeau suggested in his talk, could definitely perform more complex behavior. Iím interested in the mechanism which is possible to be converted in to a computational model, which would provide different insights besides biological experiments.

This talk is more like search the ďright targetĒ of habituation, which is hypothalamus or BNST Dr. Campeau suggested, and didnít discuss further the possible mechanism I expected. However, there were some clinical psychology people spoke out their experience when treating their clients with habituation. Itís also kind of an interested experience.

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