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Dr. Ross Beveridge (Colorado State University)
"Automated Face Recognition at CSU and at Large"
Oct. 25, 2007

Dr. Beveridge gave an overview and interesting talk about the face detection/recognition. He briefly went through the concept (i.e. the face detection / face recognition / face recognition) and the algorithm they are using for it right now. For example, for the face detection, there are algorithms like viola Jones cascade classifier, neural network, and semi-NaÔve Bayesian Classifier can be used. After that, he presented some of their ongoing research projects.

Iím really interested in the pattern recognition in machine learning and quite new in this field. For me, itís more like knowing what I would study and the research topics in other places. Face recognition is a very popular topic in this field although I keep skeptical about how far it could achieve. For example, just like the Dr. Beveridge mentioned, the different background light, age, etc. could dramatically affect the result of recognizing the same person. Itís not surprising since itís also true for the human eye. However, the fascinating algorithm and possible future still make it alluring.

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