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2) are you concerned about: "the future of computing as a viable field of study and work."

No, I'm not particularly concerned about the effects of offshoring. My
feeling is that hard-working, dynamic, and talented individuals are always
able to find work, be it in the computer industry or elsewhere. Should
I ever not be able to find a job in the computer industry, I'm certain I could
find happiness doing lots of other things.

3) what are the issues in the report

I generally agree with the report. I've operated an IT consulting business for nearly
8 years now. I have not felt like offshoring has hindered my work-load - generally
I've had more work than I've had time. Far more than offshoring, I can see US-based big-corporate
IT consulting firms and head-hunters hurting independent contractors. But, this isn't
a new effect - the effects of large corporations on independent business is a tired topic
at this point (tired mostly because there is no clear solution in a world where it would seem many consumers are
more interested in price than value)

4) name one action which our department should undertake to address your major concerns

I can't think of anything in particular. I generally agree with the sentiments of the paper
that some aspects of traditional computer science education could use a bit of modernization.
I know that at my undergraduate institution, the course in software engineering was a good example
of this - teaching the waterfall SDLC in anything except a history class at this point is down-right
embarrasing (in my opinion, anyway). I'm not sure I agree that IT needs it's own degree and classification,
I think that a well-rounded and modernized CS degree should be able to prepare a student for IT work.
And, many IT and IS and MIS programs I have seen have been some awkward synthesis of business
and CS, often sacrificing math and other theoretical subjects. I'd advise anyone looking to go
into the IT industry to go ahead and get a CS degree - the rest you can learn (sometimes nontrivially) from experience.

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