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I am not concerned about the future of computing as a viable field of study and work. The computer science field is now far from perfect. We have got to solve a lot of AI problems, build better languages and fix many network security issues. There is a big room of improvement for people to do research and work on.

I strongly agree with "offshoring of software to the low-wage countries". According to Cisco Systems, one of the leaders in Silicon Valley, Cisco outsources the software work to many low-wage countries such as Thailand, India and China. However, I do not think Cisco will lose its networking lead; it outsources only the development of non-core products and have ways to protect such important information that might benefit competitors if it is leaked. Also, Cisco profits from the wage difference in offshoring the software development and have helped the employment and research of the software industry as a whole.

I also strongly agree with "education in light of offshoring".

I do not strongly disagree with any part in the article, though I do not totally agree with some of them.

Our department should put more emphasis on the relationship of coursework/research and real-world work so that students know how to connect what they have studied to the real professional career.

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