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The future of computing as a viable field of study and work.
I think that the question is concerned about the computing as a viable field of study and work in the United States, and not as a whole, as the report is discussing globalization and offshoring of software outside of the United States mainly developing countries such as India.
Offshoring is trend which has been increasing in the past decade or so in almost all areas of industry. The main reason that drives companies to consider offshoring is reducing costs, as wages are many times lower in all the developing countries.

Am I concerned? As a person coming from a country that is not strong in software development and research, Iím not concerned, but should people in developed countries and the United States be concerned, well maybe some of them should. Offshoring of software is happening in some areas much more than others, as the repost mentions standardized jobs are more likely to be affected by offshoring where as higher-skilled jobs are less likely to be affected.
The report discusses the risks associated with the offshoring of software, I strongly agree that when it comes to software, there are many risks that are specific to software (as oppose to other industries) that would make offshoring software very dangerous not to the companies but also to the nations.

One point that was mentioned in the report that I somewhat disagree with is that improving education will help decrease offshoring. In my opinion, offshoring is not happening due to lack of skill, it is happening to reduce cost, so for standardized jobs improving education will not have a big effect on offshoring.

To ensure that offshoring does not affect the higher-skilled jobs as well (i.e. computing research), the computer science department shouuld emphasize on preparing qualified personal that are eager to learn and improve and not just settle for what they have. The The department should also consider exposing the people to researches done outside.

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