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Competition is necessary to foster a creative and challenging environment. I do not feel that off-shoring poses a risk to the viability of the study of computer science. If anything it should encourage and support the improvement of computer science education world-wide while simultaneously extending research and job opportunities in developing countries.

“There is a need for CS education to evolve, whether due to globalization or not.” I found this statement and its supporting arguments especially compelling. The introduction of area specializations within computer science supports the concepts of collaboration and smaller highly specialized domains. I also agreed with the report that increased globalization and support for research and development will do nothing but advance research.

Although the United States provides many opportunities for students to become more technically skilled, in my experience, much of this education is not currently oriented at globalization. This is readily apparent at smaller, non-research oriented universities, where students are taught and prepared skills necessary to survive/succeed in local industry. Overall this approach is severely limiting, and is responsible for setting people up in easily “replaceable” positions.

I think our department should prepare students for facing a more competitive, diverse, and extensive field of computing. They should stress the importance of continued education, specialization, and encourage students to embrace and appreciate the evolving face of our field.

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