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Are you concerned about: "the future of computing as a viable field of study and work."

I think computing will still a viable field but how to choose an interesting topic and at the same time stay competitive in the future is my little concern. Would the specific knowledge and the research skill I learn in this field have the relative application in the future? Globalization increases the competition and challenges individual's flexibility. However, this report points out that there might be more research opportunities in the developed countries in the future.

you most strongly agree with?

I most agree with:
"The standardized jobs are more easily moved from developed to developing countries than are higher-skill jobs." "Today, global competition in higher-end skills, such as research, is increasing. These trends have implications for individuals, companies, and countries."
Some of my friends, both in Taiwan and in USA, are affected by this globalization rush. It's also part of the reasons why I pursuing my PhD. Under this globalization trend, although higher education wouldn't guarantee the competitiveness, it does promises more interesting opportunities global-wise.

you most strongly disagree with:

Although some research careers are establishing in the developed countries, I think it still would take some time for the developed countries to have a lead in the high-tech research or just have a different path. Itís possible that the high-tech job to be significantly overtaken by developed countries, but the core of research is the innovation resulted from education and the values of different society. Once the quality of life is reach certain level, other countries would have different path from USA and Europe because of the dramatically different culture.

Name one action which our department should undertake to address your major concerns

I think the higher education promise competitiveness but no guarantee of it. It's highly depends on the skill you have and the needs of the market. Even a brilliant academic research needs the funding by showing its merit to the public. Therefore, besides the pure research, the student should be exposed more in the research community and have basic understanding of the industries in their specialized field, such as having industrial guest lecturer, research conference, internship, etc. This also could help students to have a picture of what to expect after completing their studying.

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