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I went to this colloquium:

ECE Department Seminar
Fall 2007

Tues, Oct 9
3:30pm, ECCR 200

On Channel Access in Wireless Networks

Prof. J. Rockey Luo
ECE, Colorado State University

Dr. Luo gave an introduction to the high-level
mathematics of fading channels on individual wireless network links
during the first part of his talk. During the second
part, he criticized TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) for being suboptimal and suggested
that there are other, just as simple, MAC (Multiple Access Control) protocols
that are closer to optimality. In this way, his discussion seemed to
be centered around the findings of this publication:

J. Luo, A. Ephremides, "Comparison of Two Low Complexity Multiple Access Schemes", 
IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Seattle, WA, July 2006.

He finished the talk with a brief overview of his current projects
as well as with answers to questions.

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