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Williams Village Design Activity

The University of Colorado has partnered with a local developer to design the future development of the Williams Village Campus Housing Area.

This will include:
  • design of ways to make the housing areas (WV & Bear Creek) more attractive to students
  • consideration of the development of part of the area as new faculty housing (a la the UC Irvine model)
  • the redevelopment of the shopping area to better serve the needs of these residents including providing more entertainment options
  • the development of a transit center in conjunction with RTD, City, and Campus routes that would encourage residents in the use of public transportation.
  • the offering of short-term car rental to reduce the need for car ownership.

Key players in the project will meet to decide how to best involve student and community citizens in the process. For the role play you will research your role as one of these key players or participants.

The purposes of this activity are to:
  • Develop a plan as to how to address involvement
  • Brainstorm what areas need to be addressed and who the target groups are
  • Consider what initial information is needed to make these involvement activities meaningful
  • Understand the linkages of the area to other parts of campus and to the community

Some of the questions that will need to be addressed and clarified are:
  • What are the concerns and issues that need to be addressed??
  • How can these factors be meaningfully integrated into the design process
  • What sort of process is needed to allow for meaningful discussion?
  • Who is responsible for what actions?
  • What resources are available?

For this role-play activity, you will be researching your own roles.

You need to:
  1. Select a role and post your selection to this web page. You may pair up on roles, but if you do so, then work together on the next part.
  2. Research your role (briefly). Find out what tasks you would need to perform and what information you would need to participate . Document what you find on a Swiki page linked to your role selection below.

Due: noon Wednesday, March 15th

Here are some potential roles:

  1. Vice-Chancellor for Planning
  2. Developer Partner
  3. Campus Architect/Planner
  4. Developer Architect/Planner
  5. Campus Housing Director
  6. Current Residents of WV/Bear Creek
  7. Residents of surrounding neighborhoods
    1. Basemar
    2. Martin Acres
    3. Frasier Meadows
    4. Country Club
    5. Aurora 7

(feel free to generate more roles)

Edit this page or use the append area to add your role choice

Hal Eden -- technogeek
Cortney Germain–Campus Architect/Planner
Malte Winkler - Martin Park Res.
Nate Campbell - Basemar Resident
Lisa Doan - Will Vill Resident
Laoleng Xiong - Bear Creek Resident
Kei Nishimoto - Campus Housing Director
Kirill Kireyev - Campus Architect/Planner
matthew-hung-WV resident
John Lansing - Country Club Resident
Mark Lewis Prazen - Developer Partner
Gary Knoll - Bear Creek Resident

Cortney Germain-Campus ArchitectPlanner.rtf
Cortney Germain-Campus ArchitectPlanner.rtf

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