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This is the Schedule and Syllabus Page.

Gerhard Fischer and Hal Eden: “Design, Learning, and Collaboration”, Spring Semester 2006

Swiki Page:

Syllabus and Schedule

Subject to Change

a nicely formatted PDF file (color-coded) of the schedule is available at: schedule-all.pdf

January — Introduction and Overview Lectures

18 (W) Introduction, Discussion of Class
Questionnaire: due 1/23, 10:00am

23 (M) Overview of Design ‡ please read “Some Notes about Design”
Assignment 1 – due: Jan 25, 10:00am

25 (W) Overview of Learning ‡ Fischer, G. (1998) "Making Learning a Part of Life-Beyond the 'Gift-Wrapping' Approach of Technology." Notes from 6/96 NSF Symposium on Learning and Intelligent Systems

30 (M) Overview of Collaboration — read: “In Defense of Cheating” by Don Norman; accessible via:
Assignment 2 – due: Jan 30, 10:00am

February — Series of Lectures about Design

1 (W) — Simon’s “Architecture of Complexity” and The Importance of Representations in Design – Chapter 8 “The Architecture of Complexity: Hierarchic Systems” in Simon, H. A. (1996) The Sciences of the Artificial, third ed., The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA (article distributed on paper)
Assignment 3 – due: Feb1, 10:00am

6 (M) Demo of Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory (location: L3D Lab) — please read: Arias, E. G., Eden, H., Fischer, G., Gorman, A., & Scharff, E. (2000) "Transcending the Individual Human Mind—Creating Shared Understanding through Collaborative Design," ACM Transactions on Computer Human-Interaction, 7(1), pp. 84-113.
Assignment 4 – due: Feb6, 10:00am

8 (W): Demo of Clever Project — location: L3D Lab — please watch the multi-media representation at: — activate link “Load Flash Movie”
Assignment 5 – due: Feb 8, 10:00am

13 (M): Domain-Oriented Design Environments and Critiquing ‡ Fischer, G., Nakakoji, K., Ostwald, J., Stahl, G., & Sumner, T. (1998) "Embedding Critics in Design Environments." In M. T. Maybury & W. Wahlster (Eds.), Readings in Intelligent User Interfaces, Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco, pp. 537-561. + Video Tape “Janus”
Assignment 6 – due: Feb 13, 10:00am

15 (W): From HCI to Human Problem Domain Interaction ‡ Buxton, W. (2001) "Less is More (More or Less)." In P. J. Denning (Ed.), The Invisible Future — the seamless integration of technology in everyday life, McGraw-Hill, New York, pp. 145-179. available at:

20 (M): Role Play Session 1 with the Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory — meet in the L3D Lab

22(W): Meta-Design ‡ Fischer, G., Giaccardi, E., Ye, Y., Sutcliffe, A. G., & Mehandjiev, N. (2004) "Meta-Design: A Manifesto for End-User Development," Communications of the ACM, 47(9), pp. 33-37.

27 (M) Guest Lecture — Elisa Giaccardi: "Design and Collaboration in the New Media Arts: A Metadesign Perspective". Papers: (1) Elisa Giaccardi, "Metadesign as an Emergent Design Culture", in Leonardo, 38:4 (August 2005), pp. 342-349,; (2) Christopher Allen, "Tracing the Evolution of Social Sofware", in Life with Alacrity, October 2004,

March — Series of Lectures about Learning

1 (W) Learning: From Speculation to Science ‡ Introduction to Bransford, J. D., Brown, A. L., & Cocking, R. R. (Eds.) (2001) How People Learn — Brain, Mind, Experience, and School, National Academy Press, Washington, D.C. (article distributed on paper)

6(M) Lifelong Learning and Self-Directed Learning ‡ Fischer, G. (2002) Beyond 'Couch Potatoes': From Consumers to Designers and Active Contributors, in FirstMonday (Peer-Reviewed Journal on the Internet), at

8 (W) Beyond One-Sided Approaches of Learning ‡ Rogoff, B., Matsuov, E., & White, C. (1998) "Models of Teaching and Learning: Participation in a Community of Learners." In D. R. Olsen & N. Torrance (Eds.), The Handbook of Education and Human Development — New Models of Learning, Teaching and Schooling, Blackwell, Oxford, pp. 388-414. (article distributed on paper)

13 (M) Learning on Demand and High-Functionality Applications ‡ Fischer, G. (2001) "User Modeling in Human-Computer Interaction," User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction (UMUAI), Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 11(2), pp. 65-86.

15 (W) Role Play Session 2 with the Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory — meet in the L3D Lab

20 (M) Pea, R. D. (2004) "The Social and Technological Dimensions of Scaffolding and Related Theoretical Concepts for Learning, Education, and Human Activity," The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 13(3), pp. 423-451.

22 (W) Carmien, S., & Fischer, G. (2005) "Tools for Living and Tools for Learning." In, Proceedings of the HCI International Conference (HCII), Las Vegas, July 2005, (published on CD).

27 (M) Spring Break – no lecture
29 (W) Spring Break – no lecture

April — Series of Lectures about Collaboration

3 (M) Discussion of Independent Research (IR) and Projects

5 (W) Creativity — Fischer, G., Giaccardi, E., Eden, H., Sugimoto, M., & Ye, Y. (2005) "Beyond Binary Choices: Integrating Individual and Social Creativity," International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (IJHCS) Special Issue on Computer Support for Creativity (E.A. Edmonds & L. Candy, Eds.), 63(4-5), pp. 482-512.

10 (M) Guest Lecture — Hal Eden: “Squeak: An Innovative Programming Environment supporting Design, Learning, and Collaboration

12 (W) Themes for Collaboration: Reflective Communities, Communities of Practice and Communities of Interest, Distances in Collaboration, Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Collaboration

17 (M) Presentation of Independent Research

19 (W) Presentation of Independent Research

24 (M) Guest Lecture — Yunwen Ye “CodeBroker” ‡ paper: Ye, Y., & Fischer, G. (2005) "Reuse-Conducive Development Environments," International Journal Automated Software Engineering, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Netherlands, 12(2), pp. 199-235.

26 (W) Guest Lecture — Shinichi Konomi: “Context Awareness and Privacy in Collaborative Environments” — paper: Mark Weiser, "The Computer for the Twenty-First Century," Scientific American, pp. 94-10, September 1991

May — Presentation about Projects

1: Presentation of Projects

3: Presentation of Projects

May 5: last day of classes


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