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Mark Lewis Prazen - Developer Partner

As a developer partner there are several things that are of vital concern to me:

1). I want the project to be a success as it can be a showcase for projects I am rolling out after this one is completed.

2). I have investors ........ as such one of my primary goals is MAKING MONEY and that means moving this project forward.

3). I want to eliminate or sidestep potential roadblocks and residential Pollyannas. One of my concerns is that some of the planners and residents involved will raise objections and request changes/regulations that will drive up my costs, elongate the project window and essentially make the project less profitable for both me and my investor consortium.

4). I need to understand the objections of people trying to delay the project and parry them as much as possible. I have authority to compromise on certain issues, but compromise on others could jeopardize the project and my firm's involvement in it.

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