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1st Progress Report

Questions about WebCT.doc
Diwan -Interview.pdf
Questions about Wikis.doc

Independent Research Progress Report #1

Nathan Campbell, Lisa Doan, Kirill Kireyev Malte Winkler

Current Progress

     In the last week our group has been able to interview four instructors about the use of collaboration in the classroom. The interviewees include: Gerhard Fischer, Michael Main, Sebastian De La Chica, and Amer Diwan.
     The information obtained by these interviews have given us great insight into the Professors point of view of student collaboration, as well as both positive and negative aspects of the different tools they use (or donít use) to allow their students to collaborate. The informal transcript and summaries of these interviews can be found on the Collaboration Independent Research Wiki Page (
     We are also looking into the previous research of William Beachley, Jun Chen, Huda Khan, Sarah Kim-Warren, Scott Zweig on the topic of Collaborative Learning in Classroom (DLC 2004). We plan to incorporate their research into our own in order to continue to build on the subject of Collaboration and its use in a classroom setting.

Changes In Schedule

We are currently on schedule.

Group Work To Be Completed

The following tasks still have to be completed:
*Complete all of the interviews by the end of the week (3/10)
*Summarize the Collaborative Learning in Classroom Project

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