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Web Artifacts that Support Creativity
Please add links to websites that showcase new technology or novel concepts to support Social Creativity

Workshops about Wikis

Wiki Research: Knowledge Advancement and Design
CSCL Conference –, July 2007,
SemWiki 2006: Semantic Wikis
Workshop on Semantic Wikis

References to CreativeIT

Enzymind Labs:

Creative Environments

  • Splice: A wiki-like site for creative, music-interested users

Collaboration Software@environments

Online Mind Mapping@mind maps

  • Thinkature- Collaborative online mind mapping and drawing software in a pure browser environment
  • Cumulate Draw- Create complex drawing in a pure browser environment. No plugins or software needed
  • FreeMind- Stand-alone mind mapping software, mind maps can be viewed (but not created or edited) online
  • Mindmeister- Mind mapping software in a pure browser environment
  • Bubbl- Online mind mapping software. Requires flash-plugin, early version, buggy
  • WebOfWeb- Seems to be an online mind mapping tool. However, I could not test it due to software problems
  • T1 MindMapper- A draft of a flash-based mind mapping tool

Information Visualization@infoviz

  • Infosthetics> - One of the best (and regularly updated) collections of innovative applications related to Info Viz and Design.
  • Visual Explorer

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