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Literature about Creativity on the Web

Please add any literature that you think is related to creativity and IT!

General Creativity

Creative Environments

Wiki Research

  • Asynchronous collaborative writing through annotations by Weng & Gennari of the University of Washington. A paper about supporting asynchronous collaborative writing (typical for a wiki)
  • Proceedings of the 2005 international symposium on Wikis
  • Proceedings of the 2006 international symposium on Wikis
  • WikiNavMap: a visualisation to supplement team-based wikis - Adam Ullman and Judy Kay from the University of Sydney try to create a better understanding of the wiki by expanding visual maps of wikis [similar to the directed graph plugin for TWiki] to include information about "freshness", "traffic", "connectivity", "ticket-links", and "overview + detail". Their evaluations show that the WikiNavMap is especially helpful for small wikis while the maps tend to become too large to be useful for larger wikis.
  • Finding your way with CampusWiki: a location-aware wiki - A location-aware wiki developed and tested by a group at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The location is determined based on their (wi-fi) internet connection, without any additional software, hardware, or effort at the user side. In addition, every user can create their own rating-categories for pages.
  • CAWS: alla wiki system to improve workspace awareness to advance effectiveness of co-authoring activities - CAWS is a prototype of a "co-authoring wiki based system [that] aims to improve workspace awareness in order to improve user's response to the document development activity", developed at the University of Southampton. To do so, it offers a way to annotate threaded discussion to a document [similar to the comment feature in word, but with threaded answers and responses to the comments], adds a forum system to each document [a threaded version of mediawiki's "discussion page"], and multiple ways to organize discussion and changes.
  • Visualizing an enterprise Wiki - Xianghua Ding from the University of California Irvine created a visualization tool especially for large (enterprise) wikis based on real world experiences. The research wiki was a database of research projects at IBM. The developed interactive (stand-alone) tool "?CherryTree" allows the user to filter the view and search for keywords and people. It shows not only the "nodes" (wiki-sites) and direct hyper-links between them, but also social connections/links, e.g., projects that are led by the same researcher.

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