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3/10 CSEL Meeting Notes

We talked about the project and how to boil it down to someting more concrete.

Some guiding principles:
  1. This will be a tool designed to help students in a typical 300 person lecture hall.
    • The focus is on helping students collaborate with lecture material as well as with other students.
    • Very limited student lecturer collaboration because the lecturer attenion is probable is already maxed.
    • Student/lecturer collaboration has already been explored with clickers and the 2004 Collaboration project.

  1. Possible features;
    • Must have a laptop and a classroom with wireless.
    • Students have an online login to a virtual classroom enviroment in which they have an account.
    • In this is evironment they can take notes. These notes have a time stamp. Can place a ? in the notes which recevies a time stamp. This ? can be seen by other students or by a TA also watching the lexture.

  1. etc...... more later

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