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Player 6 (retired and married)


You are 73 years old and married to your spouse since you were both in your twenties. Both of you are retired. You do not like to drive. However, the bus stop is so far away from your home that you seldom feel like taking the bus.

You have raised three children, and are happy to have four grandchildren. One lives in a suburb of Boulder with his parents, two in Denver, and the youngest grandchild lives on the East Coast of the US. You really like to see your grandkids often.

It is difficult for both of you to walk long distances because you feel insecure and easily tired when walking. You are afraid of tripping and falling down. Therefore, in the winter, when it is snowy and icy, you do not like going out of house. So, even going to the grocery store is getting difficult.

On this map there is an X on the spot where you live.

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