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Discussion: Collaboration And its Ablitiy To Enhance Learning
Hi Everyone,
Lisa Doan and I (Nathan Campbell) were wondering if anyone would be interested in learning about how collaboration can enhance learning of all people from academia to the workplace. The focus is really on collaboration and if anyone has any other intersting ideas that involve collaboration please add to this post. Also if interested please add to this post as well (your name and any comments).

I would like do something in collaboration, perhaps a look at tools, apps that have been made and why certain ones are effective/popular? Just a thought. My schedule is mostly open tues/thurs.
  • Malte

That sounds like a great idea for a topic..
My Email is
Lisa's is
We are free on thurs from 11-2pm, or 4-5pm
If this works email us!

Hey I'm free Thursday (today) until 5pm. Or Friday 12-2, or 3-evening

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