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Learning ― Feedback from Gerhard

Feedback from Gerhard, April 19: Final presentation and Write-Up

  1. I liked that you structured your work around some major issue which we discussed in class and elaborated those further
  2. digging up the video and relating it to "tools for living versus tools for learning" theme was an excellent addition
  3. intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation played a critical role –>you could have explored this issue a little bit deeper (e.g.: one entry point might be: Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1990) Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, HarperCollins Publishers, New York
  4. I made generic arguments about improving the documents –> one additional item for you: put your name on it, and what it was for (ie a final independent research paper for the DLC course)
  5. my idea: you did this work for the class (for your peers and for the instructors with some EXTRINSIC motivation associated with this) – BUT: the primary aspect should be that YOU are proud of this document, like to show it and discuss it with other people, and find potential uses later on in your life (the INTRINSIC motivation aspect)

Feedback from Gerhard on 3/6:

I recommend that you ground your IR in some conceptual issues such as:
  1. the relationship between informal and formal learning
  2. the relationship between "learning about" and 'learning to be" –> e.g., here is a hypothesis of mine: "the best way to learn a language is to move to a country where the language is spoken and live there for some time"
  3. explore different aspect of learning such as: (a) interests of the learners, (b) learning with or without a teacher, (c) how much does the learning "stick", (d) what is the motivation of the learner?
  4. hint: you should/could analyze language learning from a tool for learning versus tools for living perspective - e.g., which roles do tools such as "hand-held word and phrase translators" play; background info about this topic: Carmien, S., & Fischer, G. (2005) "Tools for Living and Tools for Learning." In, Proceedings of the HCI International Conference (HCII), Las Vegas, July 2005, (published on CD).
  5. hint: visit, specifically CLUE: Ubiquitous Learning Project pages

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