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Collaboration Progress Report #2

Proposed Project Title: SLE (Student Learning Environment)
Nathan Campbell, Lisa Doan, Kirill Kireyev Malte Winkler

Current Progress

Currently we are finishing programming a version of SLE online that uses AJAX. The project has a few minor issues that have to be addressed, but as a prototype for this system it will do a very good job.

We have currently have two versions of SLE. The first version is a Graphical SLE prototype that has zero functionality, but demonstrates the look and interface of the proposed SLE program. The Second version is not a graphical but has an underlying AJAX interface that allows users of the system to interact with each other and send messages.

It was important for us to make the prototype of the SLE web accessible in order for us to demonstrate it to the class and actually allow the students to interact with our program.

Due to time constraints the class demo will the programs first true classroom test and will enviably have some minor bugs, however it will do a great job demonstrating our idea of surpassing the idea of a “super clicker” for a more powerful application that works for the students and the teachers.

Currently our program is publicly available on the CBCGrad server at the following address: - AJAX Prototype
http:/// - Graphical Prototype

Current Schedule
Thursday 4/24/06
  • Continue to Debug AJAX Prototype
  • Create Presentation Slides
  • Write Final 6 Page Paper
  • Restructure the Swiki pages

Group Work To Be Completed

The following tasks still have to be completed:
  • Final Paper
  • Presentation Slides
  • Final Prototype

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