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Learning ― Minutes of Meeting (4/19)

Evaluation of AgentSheets with kids

  • We will use Bridge Builder demo
  • Gary to try to set up interviews
  • Pre interview questions:
    • What do you know about bridges?
    • Have you ever used games for learning before?
    • If so, was it fun? Was it helpful to learn something new?
  • Then let kids play with the application (no specific tasks)
  • Post interview questions:
    • Was it fun? Do you want to play more?
    • Did you learn anything you hadn't known before?
    • What do you like/dislike about it?
    • How can we make it better?
  • Anyway more elaboration is needed for those questions

Conclusion of project

  • To be summerized on three perspectives: creator's (Alex), middle users' (Alice) and end users'
  • We may also need to learn how to create apps on AgentSheets
  • How to reflect findings from our independent research??


  • Second Progress Report due next Wed (Apr 26), John to take the lead
  • Final Report and presentation due May 1

learning group
learning project

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