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Independent Research Progress Report #2

Nathan Campbell, Lisa Doan, Kirill Kireyev Malte Winkler

Current Progress

Interviews have been completed and digested. Summaries of the interviews have been writen up to help understand their content. We have started a page of all the papers read. On this page a short summary has been writen under each link to the article to help the reader solidify what the article has to offer as well as share the info with group members. We also are attending a lecture with Carl Wienman to witness the use of the Hyper Interactive Teaching Technology(HITT or "clickers") in use and find what works and what does not.

Changes In Schedule

We are currently on schedule, and plan to start writing the paper this Thursday(3/23/06).

Group Work To Be Completed

Next to be completed:
  • We will start organizing what we have learned under some coherient theme. We need to see how our research can provide fundamental concepts for our project.

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