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This is the Projects Page

The description and deadlines for the course project

Schedule and Timing for Final Presentations on April 27

Gerhard Fischer and Hal Eden: “Design, Learning, and Collaboration” — Spring Semester 2005

Course Projects for DLC Course, Spring 2005

Swiki Location: Project


  • 2/21: articulate your interest and ideas; discuss collaborations
  • 3/2: initial description (one page statement)
  • 3/16 Project Proposal
  • 4/4 and 4/6 First Progress Report and discussion in class –> feedback from Gerhard
  • 4/13 Second Progress Report
  • April 27 Final Report due: 9:00am (posted on Swikis)
  • April 27 Presentation of Projects in class; extended class meeting (5pm –8pm)

General Objectives

The central purpose of the course project is to gain an in-depth understanding of a theme relevant to the course. While we encourage you to do a project accompanied by an implementation of a new system or the further evolution of an existing system, we will also accept projects that engage in conceptual work accompanied by empirical analysis of existing approaches, systems, and websites. Projects need to be carried out through a learning-by-doing approach throughout the rest of the semester, preferably as a collaborative activity.

Projects Ideas

the PDF file cotains ideas for course projects (from the EDC and the MAPS/LIFELINE research projects)

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