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Team Members:




Every end user has the right to question the functionality of the product that he/she is using. Therefore, it has become necessary to include user input and feedback into the design of every single product to guarantee a total satisfaction of the user. Products in general and software in specific are not very cheap or easy to maintain, and once the product done, it becomes hard to go back to the design and modify it based on the end users needs, therefore, the need for MOTIVATED end users to contribute in the design of a product has become more and more important. The motivation of users is probably the hardest part to achieve, because there isn't a catalyst to make them contribute in the design besides the idea of making a product satisfy their needs. Our project will look thorowly into the possible solutions in motivating end users and make them a big part in constructing a certain product and make it better. We will also look at possible solutions from the development team and techniques, like using the incremental development model in building software which allows non costly changes of a certain system to occur without ruining the design. In this project we will look at some of the successful experiences of metadesign and some unsuccessful ones and we will look deep into what might have caused them to fail and how we can make them successful.


Internet research

Interviews with students.

Interviews with university professors.

Interview with people that have been a part of project that used Meta-design.

Interviews with people in the different industrial fields


Throughout this project, we are going to prove and show the importance of collaboration and how effective it will be in making products suit end-users needs. Also, we will show to end-users that investing time in learning about a specific skill could turn out to be a great investment because it would only make their lives easier and their role in making products that they need bigger.

Project Proposal: Meta-design

progress report 1

Second progress report

Final Project Report.pdf

Final project presentation

Presentation Slides


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