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Projects in Class

  • Design of Interactive Learning Technologies - Development of a "STRONG" prototype Nathan Balasubramanian, Nick Joseph, Jodi Kiefer, Christopher Magill, Isaac Sanders, & David West

  • Collaborative Editor Adam

  • WikiConversation, Scotty and Phong

  • Reflective Discourse as a Learning Tool, Katie

  • Video Games as a Learning Tool, Ryan & Aaron

  • Distance Education, Divya & Henry

  • Meta-design: End users creating contents Javier Velez, Ali Hassani

Presentation Schedule:

order of presentation: as indicated above

Time allocation (from 5pm 8pm: 180 minutes)

  • one person projects (2): 15 min each –> 30 min
  • two persons projects (4): 20 min each –> 80 min
  • six persons project (1): 40 minutes –> 40 min
  • Total: –> 150 min

this leaves us: 15 minutes break and 15 minutes for change-over

please prepare a presentation which fits into your allocated time slot

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