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General Feedback from Gerhard based on the Presentations at April 4 and April 6:
  • several of the same recommendations apply which I made for the Indpendent Research
  • interpret my comments made during class as MY efforts to help you to IMPROVE your project

please study CAREFULLY the document projects-guidel-05.pdf

clearly identify a CORE IDEA which you pursued in your research
  • identify the nature of your project: implementation, empirical study
  • apply it to something specific

relate your research
  • to the topics discussed in the COURSE
  • a few selected references which are relevant to your work (to determine how your work fits into the larger landscape)

describe what other people will be able to take away / learn from your research

develop a realistic assessment what you (as a team) will be able to achieve BEFORE the final project presentation on April 29

for final presentation:

post the slides (powerpoint or whatever) on your SWiki site

use fonts large enough so the people in the classroom can read it

assuming you have split up the work done among the members of your group: include in your final report a table showing the focus of the individual contributors

a few individual remarks:

Strong Project (Nathan, Nick, Jodi, Christopher, Isaac, & David)

  • which specific game(s) will you support?
  • how is your work related to "How the West was Won" gaming environment?
  • to foster a deliberate "STOP –> REFLECT –> THINK –> ACT" approach –> how is this related to "reflection-in-action" supported by our critiquing approach

Wiki Conversation (Phong, Scotty)

  • because we are familiar with the Swiki used in the class (which yu said was a specific kind of Wiki) maybe you can illustrate some of your work and findings in this specific context
  • the Independent Research team on Collaboration explored issues such as: trust, social capital, motivation to participate, .... what do these dimension mean in the context of your work
  • worthwhile to look at again: "couch potato" article (March 7)

Collaborative Editor Tool (Adam)

  • a strength: your implementation work
  • provide links between your actual implementation work and a coneptual framework for collaboration
  • analyze/compare how your support for a Collaborative Editor is similar or different from other collaborative editors

Meta-Design: End-Users Creating Content (Ali, Javier)

  • identify the objectives and core achievements behind your projects (is it theoretical, empirical, implementation, some of all of this?
  • be more specific about which problems you tackle and which methodology you emply
  • clearly articulate YOUR understanding of "meta-design"
  • I think looking at some articles about meta-design (e.g., Feb 21 and the work referenced in this article) will help

Video Games as a Learning Tool (Ryan, Aaron)

  • compare (based on your findings, from theoretical frameworks) what people will learn / will not learn from the videogame compared to: reading a book, going out and practicing themselves, taking a private lesson, .....
  • do these different activities complement each other?
  • does being "good with the videotape" translate into "being better at golf"? do some people just want to be good with the videotape and forget about golf itself?
  • a strength: you have given some thought to set up an experimental methodology

Reflective Content as a Learning Tool (Katie)

  • define reflective discourse
  • "I believe incorporating video cases is a promising technology for supporting reflective discourse in a seminar experience" –> justify this belief; are there other possibilities to support reflective discourse?
  • this project involves design, learning, and collaboration –> be more specific in which way? reflect on what you learned from this class for your project and what your project contributes to the class?

Distance Education (Divya, Henry)

  • your progress report is still missing from the Swiki
  • strength: the development of your questionnaires and the fact that you interviewed people (Tammy Sumner may be a good candidate for an interview in case she has time, because she worked at the open university for some time)
  • most people believe that distant education has its place but that it will not replace other educational experiences but complement it
  • identify the strength and weakness of distant education
  • there are MANY articles about distance education –> check out a few and reflect upon what you found out (was it known already?; does it confirm / contradict other findings)

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