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Independent Research Project

Team Members

  • Robert Surles (

  • Jennifer Tamez (

Research Area


Research Proposal

Learning: Theory and Practice

Some of the topics we want to discuss regarding the theory and practice of learning are: What is learning, theorists and theories of learning, the predominant theory, learning environments, and what we will be and should be expecting for the future of learning. Below is a list of books that we will be reading and referencing for the independent research.

  • The Science of Learning
Psychology Press, Phil, PA 2001, Joseph J Pear

  • Mindstorms: children, Computers and powerful Ideas
Basic books, New York, NY 1993, Seymour Papert

  • Experience and Education
Touchstone Books, Simon and Schuster 1938,John Dewey

  • Constructionism in Practice: designing, Thinking and learning in
a Digital World.
Ed by Yasmin Kafai and Mitchel Resnick Lawrence Erlbaum
associates, Pub. Mahwah, NJ 1996


Independent Research Final (Due 4/14/04)

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