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Schedule & Notes


  • 11-Communicated via email/Decision was made to collaborate for the semester project
  • 18-Discussed goals and visions for what the project should include, be about, etc.
  • 21-Discussed more options and narrowed down specifically what we wanted to research and execute.
  • 23-In class: discussed our ideas for independent research and semester project.
  • 25-Decided on what topics to research, what books to read, what jobs were delegated.
Began reading: "The Science of Learning", "Mindstorms: Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas", "Experiece and Education", "Constructionism in Practice: Designing, Thinking and Learning in a Digital World".


  • 1-Discussed progress of readings, research, and individual work.
  • 8-In Class: Discussed Hands-On Project and proposal
  • 15-Worked on papers, power point, and hands-on project
  • 17-Furthur work on papers, power point and hans-on project
  • 28-Worked on presentation for class and final technicalities.
  • 29-Progress Reports for Independent Research and Hands-On Project


  • 11-Finalized Ind. Proj. Presentation
  • 13-Reviewed and finalized paper & presentation
  • 14-Ind. Proj. Presentation
  • 20-Fly the Husky A1B


  • 3-Final Project Presentation

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